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Common Wedding Planning Details That Couples Dont Think About

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

From the time you begin planning your wedding, to the day it arrives, you will have to sort through countless details and organize them to create your perfect day. With so many things to consider, it’s common for important items to be completely overlooked or forgotten.

1. Venue Restrictions

Have you been searching social media for the best ways to decorate your wedding? Before you put those ideas into practice you’ll need to verify with your venue that all your grand plans for décor are allowed. Double-check your contract for restrictions on prohibited items as well as inquiring as to where, how and when you can decorate the venue. Be sure the location you decide upon is right for you by knowing the right questions to ask before you book your venue.

2. Including Tips and Fees in Your Budget

Since many vendors don’t require full payment until the day of your wedding, it can be easy to forget about gratuity. While tipping is optional, it’s customary for specific services such as those of your stylists, waitstaff, bartenders, officiant, etc. Gratuity can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your total cost, which will need to be factored in from the beginning if you hope to stay within your budget. Since unexpected fees like this can arise, it’s a good idea to incorporate a buffer of around 5% of the total cost into your total budget.

3. Designate A Point of Contact

From the moment you wake up on your wedding day, you will be going non stop until the end of the day. With your time stretched thin and many people needing day of directions (catering, cake delivery, photographer, videographer etc) it's best to designate a person you trust to handle these calls. Provide that person with vendor contact information and have them serve as your point of contact to take calls and answer questions.

4. Food Allergies and Restrictions

If you are planning a standard meal for your reception make sure to inquire about any food allergies or restrictions ahead of time, preferably with your RSVP’s.

You can provide this information to your caterer to make sure all guests will enjoy their meals.

5. Day of Wedding Kit

With so many day of events packed into a tight schedule, you wont have time to head home for something you may have forgotten. Make sure to pack comfy clothes to lounge in, phone charger, snacks etc.

6. Just "Married"

A wedding ceremony is only a ceremony, it does not make you legally married. You have to file documents with your local county clerk. This can take weeks to receive so if being married on your actual wedding day is important to you, or you are planning on booking a trip with your new last name, remember to take care of this.

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